Harbours and Hills

Cost: Full day £320 per tour (based on 2-5 people)
Duration: 8 hours

Travel the iconic Antrim coast road from Glenarm to Ballycastle with breath-taking scenery overlooking cliffs and sea, passing through picturesque coastal villages, and stopping off to visit some of hidden gems of the Glens of Antrim – forest parks, stunning waterfalls, unspoilt beaches and secluded bays….

Churches and Chapels

Cost: £320 per tour (based on 2-5 people)
Duration: 8 hours

Visit the churches and chapels and other sites throughout the Glens of Antrim that have served the people of the area for hundreds of years.

Hear tales of religious persecution during the 17th&18th centuries when you visit a secluded mass rock or visit the remains of once great friaries holding in their vaults the bones of medieval warriors and leaders.

Wander through churches and adjoining graveyards on this multi denominational tour on some of the most hallowed sites in the area…..

Saints and Scholars

Cost: £320 per tour (based on 2-5 people)
Duration: 8 hours

Did you know Ireland was once known as the “land of Saints and Scholars”?
Visit some of the ancient ecclesiastical sites in the Glens where religion and learning were practised and hear the stories of their work in this awe inspiring landscape…..

Faeries and Folklore

Cost: £320 per tour (based on 2-5 people)
Duration: 8 hours

Come with me on a journey to explore the mythical world of Irish faeries…

Myths and Legends

Full day (8 hours) £320 per tour (based on 2-5 people)
Half day (4 hours) £175 per tour (based on 2-5 people)

Hear about the supernatural world of fairies, leprechauns, and ghost stories associated with the area.

Made to Measure

Cost: £50 per hour (based on 2-5 people)
Duration: 4-6 hours

The day belongs entirely to you. You choose the route, I’ll tell the stories and introduce you to some of the most breathtaking scenery in Ireland.

Where do you want to go? What stories do you want to hear? Maybe your relations came from the Glens of Antrim many years ago. If so, give me as much information as possible and I will try to unearth living relatives or the possible burial grounds of your ancestors.




Cost: £10 per hour, per person (based on 2-5 people)
Duration: 2 hours

Fair Head with views overlooking Rathlin Island, breathtaking clifftop paths and macabre tales of the Grey Man. This is a truly enchanting place. However, you will need a head for heights.

Murlough Bay

Cost: £10 per hour, per person (based on 2-5 people)
Duration: 2 hours

Visit Murlough Bay – an absolute gem of nature, with a micro climate all its own and film location of Slavers’ Bay in The Game of Thrones. Also, historically, the favourite retreat of the Irish patriot Sir Rodger Casement, one of the leaders of the Easter Rebellion of 1916 condemned to death on a charge treason. Hear his story (and maybe the ballad named after him.)

Glenariffe Waterfalls

Cost: £10 per hour, per person (based on 2-5 people)
Duration: 1 hour

Arguably the most spectacular waterfalls in Ireland along a wooden walkway high above the rushing torrents of the Glenariffe river. The wetter the weather, the better the experience for the walk.

Galbolly or the Hidden Village

Visit one of the best kept secrets in the Glens – a village or ‘clachan’ forgotten by time, all but abandoned but with a history of highwaymen, hermits’ homesteads and a hidden Mass rock.

For all walking tours:

  • Proper footwear (walking shoes) and waterproof, warm clothing must be worn.
  • Visitors must be relatively fit and able to manage steep inclines and walk over rough terrain.

We also offer airport & ferry transfers along with a local taxi service. Please contact us for prices and more information.